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December 10, 2008


Eagles Tickets

1979 – The Long Run took 2 years to record, a sharp change from the normal annual schedule the Eagles had been on. Though overwrought with clashing personalities, the album became the third straight number one album, selling platinum seven times and releasing a number one single with “Heartache Tonight.” The Eagles end came in terrific fashion. Fans who bought tickets to the July 31, 1980 show in Long Beach saw the musicians openly threatening each other between songs.

The infamous “Long Night at Wrong Beach” resulted in the splitting the group. Frey and Henley took to different coasts and produced the live album Warner Bros. was owed through the mail. Eagles Live still sold an amazing seven times platinum and began the introduction of lawyers as the new members of the group. The Eagles would not sell tickets together for more than a decade.

14 years was simply not long enough for all the wounds to heal and soon the group was fighting again. Don Felder left the tour after clashing with the Frey, Henley, Walsh, and Schmit. Suits and counter suits followed for the next few years, but the remaining four continued to sell tickets to concerts. The potential last album from The Eagles, Long Road out of Eden – 2007 continued the tradition of hitting at least seven times platinum and was the group’s fifth consecutive number one album.

After varying degrees of success as solo artists and a tribute album by well-known musicians, The Eagles reunited in 1994 and started to tour together again. The live album was titled Hell Freezes Over in a humorous recognition of the past hatred that dominated the group at the end of their run in the ‘70s. With two new tracks and fans waiting to pay any price for tickets to see “the” group of the ‘70s play, the album and the tour were smashing successes.